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International On Campus

Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentor Program helps new international students acclimate to Washington State University and the United States.

“Gaining admission into the graduate program at WSU is my first experience studying outside my home country. I had initially thought it will be challenging to get started but thanks to the international peer mentor program, it has been easy.”

-Abiola Teslim Adeniran

“When I came into WSU as an international student, the resources and mentors that were provided by International Student and Scholar Services  was very efficient and helpful to me understanding the basics of the WSU campus. They provided me with the guidance I needed, which made my transitioning into college life easier. “

-Angel Ifunanyachukwu Ikueze

The goal of the Peer Mentor Program is to assist international students in their personal, academic, social, and cultural adjustment to studying and living in the United States and at WSU. Peer Mentors help international students transition to life at WSU, provide helpful information, connect students to resources, answer questions, and plan program events.

We invite both International and domestic students to be Peer Mentors. No international travel experience is necessary; all you need is a desire to help and willingness to learn.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the program.  We match mentors and mentees based on their academic level and degree program. Graduate students will be paired with incoming graduate students, while undergraduate students will be paired with incoming undergraduate students.

A peer mentor…

will help new international students transition to life at WSU and connect students to resources on campus and in the community. Learn about a new culture, develop intercultural communication skills, and build networks.

Please contact…
with any questions about the program.

Applications are open until Nov. 13!

Apply to Be a Peer Mentor

How Peer Mentoring Works

Each semester, International Student and Scholar Services will connect you with a group of incoming international students. Your job—your opportunity—is to learn about their culture, help them feel comfortable with American culture, and guide them to clubs and groups that will help them find their support network throughout their time at WSU.

A summary of what you will do:

  • Communicate regularly with your mentees via email, telephone, and other methods prior to their arrival in the United States or at WSU (if transferring from another U.S. institution). This pre-arrival communication helps create a smooth transition for new students
  • Meet your international mentees at New Student Orientation and guide them through parts of the orientation program
  • Connect new students to resources on campus and in the community
  • Plan one program-wide event
  • Plan informal gatherings with your mentees to spend time together

Program Requirements

Peer Mentors must fulfill the following requirements (in addition to the activities listed above):

  • Attend the onboarding training
  • Maintain regular communication and contact with mentees during the semester
  • Attend monthly Peer Mentor meetings
  • Plan activities for mentees
  • Act responsibly and ethically in their communications and interactions with incoming international students, providing accurate and reliable advice and guidance to students


Program Benefits

The Peer Mentor Program offers a great opportunity for undergrads and grads to learn about a new culture, develop intercultural communication skills, and gain mentorship experience. Graduate schools around the world seek students and employees who demonstrate the ability to collaborate and mentor students from diverse backgrounds – the Peer Mentor Program is a fantastic way to develop those skills!

We provide several training and professional development opportunities for mentors throughout the year. We also provide a great community where you can meet students from all over the world and create lasting friendships. Please contact with any questions or ideas for collaboration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Peer Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in the Peer Mentor Program! If you would like to be notified of future recruitment events, please email and we will add you to our communication list.

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For Mentees

We pair each mentee with a mentor who best matches their preferences. To get started, fill out the form here.