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Scholars Abroad

Fulbright Contacts

Mushtaq A. Memon

National Fulbright Ambassador
Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Bustad 215

Dr. Memon is available to work 1-on-1 with faculty Fulbright applicants. One of 29 Fulbright Scholars across the nation selected to be a Fulbright Ambassador for a two-year term, Dr. Memon represents WSU’s Fulbright Academy at campus workshops and academic conferences, and promotes the national Fulbright program throughout the higher education community.

Craig Parks

Campus Representative for Fulbright Faculty & Researchers
Special Assistant to the Provost
French 436

Craig is the primary contact for both WSU faculty scholars and visiting scholars. He also serves as a resource for colleges and departments whose faculty are participating in Fulbright programs. In addition, his department facilitates guest lectures, seminars, and workshops for WSU and other colleges in the Washington/Idaho region.

Erin-Kae Rice

Fulbright Liaison
Director of Operations & Senior Advisor to the Vice President, Office of International Programs
Bryan 206E

Erin provides support for WSU faculty and visiting scholars. She serves as the point person for Fulbright Academy committee meetings and oversees the marketing for the program.

April Seehafer

Campus Representative for WSU Students
Director, Distinguished Scholarships Program
CUE 519C

April helps WSU’s graduate students and graduating students prepare Fulbright applications. She also provides resources, guidance, coaching, and departure logistics for those chosen in each competitive cycle.

Patricia Sturko

Graduate School Representative for Incoming Student Scholars
Associate Dean, Graduate School
French Ad 336C

The Washington State University Graduate School is responsible for overseeing the priority admissions process for Fulbright student scholars who are coming to WSU.

Contact Patricia if you have any questions about the receiving and processing of Fulbright application packets, or tuition waivers. Patty also works with Fulbright program directors and officers to ensure coordination and communication between other institutions and WSU.

Keri McCarthy

Fulbright Student Association Advisor
Associate Professor, School of Music
Kimbrough 348

Keri helps provide students a support system, networking, and events to help them integrate more easily into the community and learn about life in the United States.