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Preparing to Leave

Pre-Departure Orientation


The mandatory online pre-departure orientation will be available through myStudyAbroad after you commit to your program.


The mandatory in-person orientations occur for summer, fall, and academic-year programs during the end of spring semester. For spring and calendar year programs, orientation occurs during the end of fall semester. More information will be emailed to you after you commit to your program.

The sessions at orientation include:
Country sessions: Meet people who have lived in your destination country to have an interactive and informational discussion about country-specific expectations
Optional sessions: Being a Woman Abroad, Budgeting Abroad, First Time Abroad, LGBTQIA Identity Abroad, and Race Identity Abroad

Pre-Departure Handbook and Checklists

The pre-departure handbook contains a copy of a packing checklist (pdf).

Your Destination

Country-Specific Resources

Researching your host country is an important step. Learn about customs, food, weather, and other major information before you leave. The following links will provide basic resources for advice regarding study, travel, and logistics of living in another country.

Diversity Abroad Resources

Accessibility Abroad

  • Access Center WSU supports the self-determination and development of students with disabilities through removing barriers to academic success, promoting self-advocacy, and providing support to foster student learning and engagement in all opportunities available at the university
  • Mobility International
  • Articles:

First Generation Abroad

LGBTQ Students Abroad

Mental Health Abroad

Multicultural Students Abroad