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Apply Early

The application process can be time-consuming. Most programs have a limited number of slots available, and many admit students on a rolling basis. Applying early can improve your chances.

Application Deadlines

Applications are due the semester before your program begins. Deadline dates may vary from program to program. For all programs except WSU faculty-led, you will need to complete 2 separate applications, 1 for WSU and 1 for the program abroad. The deadline for the program abroad application may be different from the WSU application deadline.

Use the MyStudyAbroad search tool to check the application deadline and requirements of the program you will be applying for.

WSU Application Deadline DatesStudy Abroad Program
February 1Faculty-led: Summer
March 1Outbound Bilateral and ISEP Exchange: Fall and academic year
Purpan Exchange: Summer
April 1Faculty-led: Fall
Incoming Exchange Nominations: Fall and academic year
Provider: Summer
April 15Incoming Exchange Applications: Fall and academic year
May 1Provider: Fall and academic year
September 15Faculty-led: Winter break
Outbound Bilateral and ISEP Exchange: Spring
Incoming Exchange Nominations: Spring
October 15Incoming Exchange Applications: Spring
Faculty-led: Spring
(Hearts in Motion pre-screen)
November 1Faculty-led: Spring break
Exchange: Spring incoming
Provider: Spring and calendar year
  • Applications are due by 11:59 a.m. on the application deadline.
  • Applications are reviewed and admitted on a rolling basis.
  • Students who submit their application on the deadline will be required to also commit the same day.
  • Students MUST commit their applications no later than 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • All study abroad students complete a WSU application. Students on partnership, provider, and exchange programs must complete a second application with their program.

How to apply


Complete WSU’s Education Abroad Application

The application requires physical and online signature documents and questionnaires. You will be able to access the documents and questionnaires, and their instructions, when you begin the online application. Please read each item carefully, sign each document and turn in physical copies when asked.

Be ready to provide the following, which are necessary to complete your application.

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Emergency contact Iinformation

Start your application

Be Aware of WSU’s Education Abroad Application Fee

All students committed to an education abroad program will be charged a $200 application fee.

Application fees are not charged to your student account until you have committed to your education abroad program and the WSU education abroad program deadline has passed.


Complete Your Program’s┬áNon-WSU Application

Students using third-party providers or exchange programs must complete this step. Students participating in WSU faculty-led programs only complete the WSU application.


Choose Courses and Obtain Advisor’s Approval

  • Research courses offered by your education abroad program or host institution
  • Speak with your academic advisor about which courses to take abroad
  • Download and print the course pre-approval form
  • List your first choice in study abroad courses and all alternate second courses on the course pre-approval form
  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor and be sure to take all available course information (course descriptions and syllabi) with you to this appointment

Commit to Your WSU Education Abroad Application

Once you have submitted all materials for your application, your application will be moved into the “accepted” phase. This is when you must confirm your participation. Your application will have a “commit” button. By clicking “commit,” you confirm your participation in the program and accept financial responsibility for the costs of the program.